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How to form a company

To form a company in Spain is not so easy and this is something you really need help with, the procedure is that first of all you need a NIE number and then 3.000€ to be able to form a company. The best thing is to buy the service which can be from 1700€ .

How to buy property

To buy a property you first of all need your NIE number and then a really good lawyer, everything you sign is in spanish due to ...Full Article

How to find the best Lawyer

To find a lawyer is both easy and can be a bit tricky,, but the rule is to find a lawyer that speaks English on a ...Full Article

How to find the best food/restaurants

Food, restaurants … then you are in the right country, in Alicante you can find everything you need for your needs, you never have to go ...Full Article

Office rent prices rise

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How to act in Business in Spain

There is some rules to follow when doing business in Spain, always introduce yourself by name and then company name, spanish people are very stylish but ...Full Article

Court bans construction of new trade complex

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Alicante entertainment

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