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How to act in Business in Spain 

There is some rules to follow when doing business in Spain, always introduce yourself by name and then company name, spanish people are very stylish but also very conservative in business but alsways introduce yourself with a businescard in white or ivory with a stylish font, they love black and gold flake.

A business card should have the following information both in english and spanish, one side in english and one side in spanish.

  • Name
  • Position
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Hours of Contact

How to make contact:
Introduce your self by name and then present the company name.

Shake hands using both your hands.

Hand your businesscard with the spanish side up

Remember that doing business in Spain does not have to be a chore. Remember the cultural of the people, the gestures that can help (or hurt) you, and what your business card says about you, this is very important

Spanish Gestures

  • Pulling down on your eyelid insinuates that you are alert or to be alert with interest
  • Crossing your fingers is a sign of good luck and is a very friendly gesture
  • Kissing of the finger tips and throwing your hand in the air is a sign of approval
  • Rubbing or scratching your cheek with your forefinger is a sign that a man is womanish or effeminate
  • Rubbing all of the fingers together with the thumb is a signal that someone has a lot of money

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