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Alicante – the hot business center

Welcome to the site about Spain and Alicante, the best business center in Europe, the right climate both for the weather and business. The town that never sleeps and with a perfect location by the sea and only 10 min from the airport! Alicante is the second largest city in the Valencian community, the city Full Article

Alicante office

Welcome to Alicante Office –   Alicante Office was founded in 2005 to assist individuals, families and small to medium sized businesses across the world re-locate to Alicante. ...Full Article

Do you need a job in Spain

This is the place to find a nice job in Alicante, spain! The company Adonmark is employing 10 new persons for the Europeen Market, please have a look at ...Full Article

NIE number, how to get this!

The most important thing, dont´t let you be fooled by the websites that offer this service and charge you up to 165€ per person, you dont have to pay ...Full Article

How to form a company

To form a company in Spain is not so easy and this is something you really need help with, the procedure is that first of all you need a ...Full Article

How to buy a company

To buy a company in Spain is not easy due to the situation right now, its like the WIld West, without an expert its close to impossible to buy ...Full Article

How to buy property

To buy a property you first of all need your NIE number and then a really good lawyer, everything you sign is in spanish due to spanish law. So ...Full Article

How to find a good real estate agent

There is so many different agencies so try to find one that speaks your language, that will help a lot. You have to be very careful because everything you ...Full Article

How to find the best Lawyer

To find a lawyer is both easy and can be a bit tricky,, but the rule is to find a lawyer that speaks English on a understanding way There ...Full Article

How to find a good hotel

Alicante has a lot of really good hotels, Tryp Grand Sol is just at the harbor and also very clos to the shopping center, the hotel has 29 floors ...Full Article